Our organization is made up of local businesses in the Copper Basin, a region of the U.S. that includes McCaysville, Georgia, Copperhill, Tennessee, and Ducktown, Tennessee. We work in coordination with the Chambers of Commerce in both Fannin County, Georgia and Polk County, Tennessee.

The Copper Basin has plenty of options for both locals and tourists alike. A beautiful river that has two names runs through the region: the Toccoa River or the Ocoee River, depending on which state you happen to be standing in. Our community was once a thriving copper mining town; now, it has become a premier destination for shopping, dining, outdoor sports, nature, history, and more. Come experience what so many people who live here and travel here via the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway are discovering … we are three towns with one state of mind!


Copper Basin Business Association meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month, starting at 5:30 p.m. Each monthly meeting takes place at the McCaysville Properties office.

McCaysville Properties:

169 Tennessee Avenue, Copperhill, TN

37137, United States

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